SCAD 2012 | Becoming Savannah: Slow Urbanism, Italian Influences & the Ideal City

This studio was sponsored by the Italian Cultural Institute of New York as an extensive exploration of various Citta Slow Italian cities as they related to the city of Savannah, Georgia. Each student was assigned an Italian city to study and diagram and then use as a “control” from which to measure Slow Urbanism. Through this research, Savannah was then similarly studied and diagrammed to prove or disprove its slowness. A model was created to showcase Savannah’s slow and intentional growth throughout the years, layering five plexiglass maps of the city from 1776 to today. The model was designed to be displayed in the center of the gallery space and was conceived to act as one of Savannah’s many city squares; a central meeting space that could be appreciated from all sides.

Devon Carrigan, Todd Davis, Hillary Earl, Evan Leinbach,
Blanca Pena, & Zhehui Wang