SCAD 2013 | Master’s Thesis Juvenile Detention [Community] Center

As of 2010, Florida had the 3rd highest number of juvenile offenders in residential detention facilities in the country. The main objective of this thesis was the design of a juvenile detention center focused around the successful rehabilitation of its population. Through design, this center was designed to replicate the places most adolescents find positive influences, such as at home or in schools. The center was created at a smaller scale where fewer inmates are housed and taught together, achieving more individualized attention. These small “pods”, housing 5 inmates each, give a sense of belonging to the youth and are arranged around a larger inner area of support resources and general assembly facilities. As the center houses fewer inmates, due to effective rehabilitation, the complex transforms in phases to become a fully functioning community center focused on preventing at-risk youth from reaching the penal system.

The Proposed Program:
-30,000 SF Juvenile Facility
-Houses a maximum of 30 Juveniles
-Half Gymnasium and Assembly Space
-4 Vocational Classrooms
-Shop & Gallery to exhibit inmate work while helping pay down restitution