SCAD 2011 | Island Village Sustainable Community

The client wanted a sustainable community designed incorporating the specified landscape and surrounding infrastructure. Island Village was designed as a gradient of “green living” wherein the first island into the project uses some sustainable strategies, the third island is entirely self-sufficient with residents living off the grid. This progression allows for a greater accessibility for people wherever they may fall on a “green living scale.”

The Proposed Program:
-1,186 Diversified Housing Units
-Primary School
-Recreational Facility
-Shopping & Entertainment Plaza
-Agricultural Research Center
-Public Transportation

Blanca Pena & Looknok Sriwajaren

Island Village main entrance with agriculture towers

Island Village main commercial shopping area with outdoor cinema

Island Village off the grid artisan community

Island Village apartment community

Island Village townhouse community

Island Village community with public transportation

Buildable Area diagram

Program diagram

Proposed Transportation diagram

Island Village Community Master Plan